What is NostraCity?

.... And what makes it more sustainable than other passive income protocols?
NostraCity is a ground-breaking passive income protocol on the Avalanche Network, focused on sustainability through external investments.
NostraCity will offer a triple-digit APR through a combination of 3 concepts: DeFi Nodes + Bonding + NFTs. By separating our revenue-generating activities and our payout activities, we will be able to have the most sustainable yields through an ever-growing treasury. No tricks or short-term patches, just a solid treasury backing the tokens.
All of it will be gamified through competition of Mafia Families: if you vote for an investment and it wins (gets the most votes), you will earn a percentage more with the family (people that voted for the same investment). For more, check out the session Prizes & Competition.

Why does NostraCity exist?

  • To make asymmetric bets that generate outsized gains.
  • To be a more fun, sustainable way to invest in both contrarian and growth protocols.
  • To fix the issues with well-meaning but concept-broken yield protocols.
Last modified 8mo ago